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 Austus – a compromise between Australian rules and yankee football, unreal in Melbourne throughout warfare II.

Bossaball – mixes football game and volleyball and gymnastics; vie on inflatables and trampolines. Cycle ball − a sport kind of like association football played on bicycles Footgolf - golf played by kicking an football game. Footvolley – mixes football game and beach volleyball; played on sand soccer court game – mixes football game and tennis Kickball – a hybrid of Association football and baseball, invented within the us regarding 1942. Underwater football - played in a very pool, additionally the} ball can solely be vie once underwater. The ball is carried as in football game. Speedball – a mixture of yankee football, soccer, and basketball, devised within the us in 1912. Universal football – a hybrid of Australian rules and rugby league, trialled in Sydney in 1933.[163] Volata – a game resembling football game and European handball, devised by Italian fascist leader, Augusto Turati, in the 1920s. chair rugby – also referred to as Murderball, unreal in Canada in 1977. supported hockey game and basketball instead of rugby. Note: though similar to football and volleyball in some aspects, Sepak takraw has ancient origins and can't be thought of a hybrid game. work surface games, video games, and different recreations supported football game Blow football Button football – additionally referred to as Futebol DE Mesa, Jogo de Botões Fantasy football FIFA Video Games Series toy soccer Mario Strikers Penny football professional Evolution football Subbuteo Table football – also known as foosball, table soccer, babyfoot, bar football or gettone supported American football Blood Bowl Fantasy football (American) Madden NFL Paper football supported Australian football American Federation of Labor computer game series List of AFL video games supported football game league football Australian football game League Sidhe' football game League series football game League three cf ball soccer portal 1601 to 1725 in sports: soccer athletic field (unit of length) List of sorts of football List of players who have born-again from one football code to a different Names for football game American football within the us List of largest sports contracts Notes Reilly, Thomas; Gilbourne, D. (2003). "Science and football: a review of applied analysis within the football code". Journal of Sports Sciences. twenty one (9): 693–705. doi:10.1080/0264041031000102105. PMID 14579867. S2CID 37880342. "History of soccer - Britain, the house of soccer". FIFA. Archived from the first on twenty two Sept 2013. Retrieved fifteen June 2018. Post commercial enterprise PCL. "Bangkok Post article". Bangkok Post. "History of Football - The Origins". FIFA. Archived from the original on twenty four Gregorian calendar month 2013. Retrieved twenty nine April 2013. "History of football game in Australia". rugby History. Archived from the original on twenty three Dec 2011. Retrieved eleven Gregorian calendar month 2012. Bailey, Steven (1995). "Living Sports History: soccer at Winchester, Eton and Harrow". The Sports Historian. fifteen (1): 34–53. doi:10.1080/17460269508551675. Perkin, Harold (1989). "Teaching the nations a way to play: sport and society within the geographic area and commonwealth". The International Journal of the History of Sport. half-dozen (2): 145–155. doi:10.1080/09523368908713685. Reilly, Thomas; Doran, D. (2001). "Science and Gaelic football: A review". Journal of Sports Sciences. nineteen (3): 181–193. doi:10.1080/026404101750095330. PMID 11256823. S2CID 43471221. Bale, J. (2002). Sports Geography. Taylor & Francis. p. 43. ISBN 978-0-419-25230-6. Douge, Brian (2011). "Football: the common threads between the games". Science and soccer (Second ed.). Abingdon: Routledge. pp. 3–19. ISBN 978-0-415-50911-4.